Two young
Werner Hauser,
Poysdorf and
Michael Martin,
Sankt Ulrich
from the
Weinviertel join
their strengths when
it comes to red and
white wine.

Die Idea

actually was the result of a disappointment, because when we met in spring 2000 in order to taste our first Pinots and Cabernets aged in barriques, the wines didn't quite taste like expected.

During the course of the evening, one of us poured the red wine samples all together in one glass, tasted it and exclaimed "Now it works all of a sudden!" And so we decided to make something out of it.


This decision entailed a long period of fiddling about and tasting different mixing ratios until finally, the red wine cuvee "Friends" was finalized. Friends is not all that much about the sorts or the territory, it is mainly about the idea that "if it works, it works".

veltliner Friends

After a journalist asked us "Why don't you friends from the Weinviertel also make a white wine?" we decided to do this using the best grape from our region: Grüner Veltliner. After another long period of tasting, the veltliner Friends was created - "if it works, it works." We redefined the Grüner Veltliner and brought it together in a friendly way.

Friends brut

We have always wanted to bring our burgundies together to a new composition, so why not with the most elitist wine - bubbly and exciting? The two grapes - Pinot Noir and Chardonnay: two years on yeast, traditional fermentation, constant tasting. Those fine "bubbles"… And since we also like to celebrate "if we do something, we do it right!" To toast common successes:

"if it works, it works."